Julia Belinskaya

Research fellow
Department 71

Professional experience

Pedagogical work

2013–2018 Assistant, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Department of Mathematical Modeling, Moscow. 
2018–present Associate Professor, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Department of Mathematical Modeling, Moscow.

Scientific work


Researcher, Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Moscow,
Control theory: The covering method for solving terminal control problems is formulated and justified. A design of covering for flat systems is proposed. The possibilities of using a flat output replacement to solve the point-to-point control problems with the constraints are investigated. The use of mirror symmetries of differential equations to reduce the number of conditions of a boundary problem is investigated. The use of decompositions of point-to-point control problems for control problems with constraints of complex geometric shape is investigated. A control method based on the flatness of the model is obtained, which ensures following along a previously constructed path in the environment with dynamic obstacles.


2006 — 2013 Bauman Moscow State Technical University, an engineer-mathematician in the field of "Applied Mathematics", Moscow.
2013 – 2018 Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Ph.D. in Mathematics in the field of "System analysis, management and information processing (computer science, mechanical engineering)." Thesis: “Solving point-to-point control problems for constrained flat and Liouville systems”, supervisor: V. Chetverikov, Moscow.

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ORCID 0000-0002-4136-7912

SPIN code in RSCI9485-4787