Ready solutions


Intelligent digital platform for scientific and technical information aggregation and analysis


Computer appliance for smart search and analytics of large amounts of texts

RAIRI Solutions

Priorities information-analytical system

Intelligent analytical system for automatic prioritization of scientific research and experimental development

FRC "CSC" RAS intelligent systems technologies

For solving problems of intelligent search and analysis of large volumes of texts

Price lists comparison

Matching medical services with the hierarchical price list


Personalised plan of preventive healthcare forming system


Intelligent text analysis tools for psychoemotional state evaluation

AI-Assistant Scientist

Process automatisation, common database


Generalization, memory and transformer models in Reinforcement Learning

Possible options of applying memory units and modern transformers

Large language models as value approximators in the sign-based world model

VQA approach to “intrapersonal communication”, embodied agent

Information extraction from clinical texts

Technologies for complex intelligent clinical data analysis

World model for actor and critic in reinforcement learning

Integration into the Actor-Critic methods to estimate the state-action value