Computer appliance for smart search and analytics of large amounts of texts


TextAppliance is a software and hardware complex for intelligent search and analysis of large arrays of text, consisting of a server (server cluster) and intelligent services for analyzing large collections of text documents. Created by the OOO "TCA" company based on the methods and technologies developed by the research fellows of 72 and 73 departments of the Russian Artificial Intelligence Research Institute.

TextAppliance works on the same principles as most Internet search engines, but expands their capabilities with analytical functions. TextAppliance algorithms combine statistical and linguistic approaches to analyzing text arrays. At the heart of TextAppliance are Exactus ideas and technologies.

Learn more at the product site: http://textapp.ru




Indexing Indexing large arrays of text documents from open sources of the Internet, databases, corporate storages, etc. with the release of associated meta-information
Search Search for textual information requested by the user with support for faceted metadata search (both textual and non-textual) in semantic, question-answer, conceptual, word-based search modes
Analysis Formation, comparison and thematic analysis of user collections of documents (thematic clustering, the construction of key thematic word combinations, etc.). Thematic analysis of document collections
Exploratory Search An extensive document search (thematically similar to a given reference document). Search for textual text borrowings
Introduction Quickly familiarize yourself with the content of documents using automatically generated resume texts