RAIRI Structure


Oleg  Grigoriev

Oleg Grigoriev

Director of the institute

Gerasim  Nazarenko

Gerasim Nazarenko

Chief research fellow

Ludmila  Paradovskaya

Ludmila Paradovskaya

Head specialist

Alksandr  Gurdus

Alksandr Gurdus

Head specialist


71 Dynamic Intelligent Systems and Cognitive Research department
  • Cognitive computer modeling
  • Modeling purposeful behavior
  • Planning behavior and trajectories
  • Multi-agent systems
72 Intellectual Analysis of Information department
  • Intellectual search methods and analysis of large arrays of text
  • Methods of web content filtering and user behavior analytics
  • Methods of scientific and technological analysis and forecasting
73 Intellectual Technologies and Systems department
  • Semantic search and analysis of natural language texts
  • Intelligent data processing and management
  • Modeling Purposeful Behavior
74 Problems of Decision Making department
  • Methods of individual and group choices of multi-attribute objects
  • Methods of view and analysis of big data
  • Information and analytical, consulting, instructional, intelligent decision support systems
75 Department of Intelligent Decision Support Systems
  • Clinical decision support systems
  • Dynamic prediction in clinical practice
  • Models of verification and data processing of clinical registers