Personalised plan of preventive healthcare forming system

When  diseases occur and  regimen  is  the cause, the  treatment  carried  out  should  be by  change  of  regimen.

Hippocrates, Nature of Man


Personalised plan of preventive healthcare forming system AI-HIPPOCRATES is our institute's original product based on progressive AI methods and mining of massive text data.

As more big data on healthcare and risk factors is collected, the system applies special methods of data mining missed during previous studies of certain groups.


To gain access to the demo interface of the AI-HIPPOCRATES recommender system you should follow the link

In case of trouble, use the AI-HIPPOCRATES user manual (PDF format)



The System allows


 To measure risks of diseases

 To reveal genetic predisposition to socially significant diseases

 To monitor health, risk factors and levels of diseases

 To develop recommendations for health improvement and lifestyle changes

 To issue recommendations of different levels of detail on risks and preventive measures against them



System's advantages


Individual approach

  • Choosing the most effective preventive measures for employees
  • Taking individual factors into account
  • Monitoring how the employees follow their preventive programmes

Intellectual assessment of health

  • Evaluating changes in risk factors and lifestyle
  • Evaluating integrated information received from various sources (EHR, health insurance, mHealth, IoT)
  • Managing and evaluating 200 risk factors

Integration into your solution


  • Automatically generating personalised recommendations
  • Evaluating psycho-emotional condition and preferences


Publications about AI-HIPPOCRATES


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