Principles of creating an intellectual system of forming and maintaining a plan of measures for health saving


Grigoriev O. Kobrinsky B. Smirnoff I. Blagosklonov N. Molodchenkov A.


The article describes the creation of a knowledge base for an intellectual health management system for risk of stroke, myocardial infarction and depression. The main purpose of the knowledge base is to dis-cover and evaluate risk factors and situations which can lead to such diseases, form a prevention plan. The knowledge base is implemented using a heterogeneous semantic network and utilizes expert opinions about risk factors and events influencing an individual's health. Data is compiled with the aid of questionnaires, mobile devices, case histories and information from social media. Analysis of data and text is carried out with the goal of evaluating the user's condition. All of the data obtained is accumulated in a single database. The knowledge base establishes risk factors, including changes in those factors over the course of time, and circumstances or events which might precipitate the emergence of pathology. Hypotheses are generated about active risk factors and circumstances which might produce an increase or decrease in risk. Recommendations regarding prophylactic measures are formed with the aid of the knowledge base, the user case-library, and collaborative filtering methods.

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Кобринский Б. А., Григорьев О. Г., Смирнов И. В., Молодченков А. И., Благосклонов Н. А. Принципы создания интеллектуальной системы формирования и сопровождения плана мероприятий по здоровьесбережению // Цифровое Здравоохранение. Труды XIX Международного конгресса «Информационные технологии в медицине». Российская Федерация, Москва, 11-12 октября 2018, электронное издание. М.: Консэф, 2018 C. 31-33. ISBN 978-5-6042061-0-2.