Sergei Volkov

Junior researcher
Department 73

Professional experience

Scientific work

November 2019–June2020

Programmer, Federal Research Center “Computer Science and Control” of the Russian Academy of Sciences (former Institute for Systems Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences) Lab. 0-6. “Computational linguistics and intelligent data analysis”

June 2018–August 2018

Programmer, Limited Liability Company «Technologies for System Analysis», Moscow Programming: Python, Others: HTML + CSS, XML (DOM, SAX, XSLT), Javascript / Ajax, SQL. Experience in design and implementation of distributed high-load text processing systems: The software tools for the intelligent retrieval and analysis of huge text datasets – TextAppliance: (applied at Directorate of STP, RFBR, LLC INFRA-M, LLC RUKONT).

2018– present

The research team member for five research grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), Moscow.

grant № 18-37-20017, mol_a_ved, 2018–2020 yr. «Semantic methods and algorithms for cross-language text plagiarism detection in scientific and educational texts (on the example of English and Russian languages)»; grant № 18-37-00198, mol_a, 2018–2020 yr. «The study of methods and the development of tools for the formation of discourse in problems of synthesis of text in a natural language»; grant № 18-29-03264 mk, 2018–2021 yr. «Methods of researching threats, localization and protection against them in software-defined networks to ensure information security in heterogeneous information systems of the digital economy». grant № 18-29-03187 mk, 2018-2021 yr. «The development of distributive semantics methods applicable in artificial intelligence systems in the digital economy for the analysis of large weakly structured data in solving problems of thematic modeling and exploratory search in various subject areas» grant № 17-29-07016 ofi_m, 2018–2020 yr. «Methods of artificial intelligence and analysis of large arrays of texts to identify scientific and technological trajectories and forecasting»


2014 — 2018 RUDN University: Bachelor of Fundamental Informatic and Information Technologies, Moscow
Faculty of Sciences, Computer Science Department

Awards and achievements

2018 Copyright Certificate No. 2018661995 Russian Federation. "Intelligent search and analysis of large sets of texts. Version 2.0". Authors: Tikhomirov I. A., Sochi I. V., Zhebel V. V., Zubarev D. V., Yadrintsev V. V., Kreskin A. D., Volkov S. S.; the applicant and the owner - Technologies of the System Analysis limited liability company No. 2018619238 заявл. 28.08.2018; зарегистр. 25.09.2018. - 1 p.

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