Review of SDN technology and its applications


Volkov S.


This article presents a review for software-defined network technology and its application. We describe the history of the development of this technology and related research. Also, we considered the options for using this technology in data centers. This article describes various methods of network attacks and network security. As a result of the research, we proposed to implement an intrusion prevention system (IPS) based on machine learning methods.

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Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Systems Analysis and Information Technologies SAIT-2019 (PDF) at the Matrosov Institute for System Dynamics and Control Theory of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences website (in Russian):


RUDN University. Repository:

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Volkov S. S., Kurochkin I. I. Review of SDN technology and its applications // The Eighth international conference "System Analysis and Information Technologies". - 2019. - Pages 103-111.