Information Retrieval for R&D Support


Смирнов И. В. Осипов Г. С. Соченков И. В.


Research and development (R&D) involves not only researchers but also many other specialists from different areas. All of them solve a variety of tasks that require comprehensive information and analytical support. This chapter discusses the major tasks arising in R&D: study of the state of the art in a given research area, prospects assessment of research fields and forecasting their development, quality assessment of scientific publications including plagiarism detection, and automated examination of proposed R&D projects. A number of informational and analytical systems have been developed to address these tasks. The main goal of this chapter is to give a review of R&D support functions of well-known and widely-used search and analytical systems and discuss information retrieval methods behind these functions.

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Osipov, G., Smirnov, I, Tikhomirov, I., Sochenkov, I., Shelmanov, A., and Shvets, A. Information Retrieval for R&D Support // Paltoglou, Georgios, Loizides, Fernando, Hansen, Preben (Eds.) Professional Search in the Modern World. — Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). — Springer International Publishing, 2014. — Vol. 8830 — pp. 45–69.