Category of speech system in modeling affective processes (based on the material of network communication)


Chudova N. Kuznetsova Y.


The goal of this paper is to convey the meaning of the category of speech system for computer cognitive modeling. By implementing it, the authors prove the importance of supplementing relational-situational analysis, based linguistically on the concept of functional syntax, with the technology of creating templates which are the formalization of those sections of stylistic- speech system that mark the mental processes under study. A review of works on speech system since the 1920s is given. It is shown that in recent decades, when studying speech system, the primary interest of linguists lies in the processes of verbal communication and in its main unit - a text. It is noted that the quantitative aspects of the language functioning in various areas and communicative situations are being examined not only in quantitative linguistics but also in the works on artificial intelligence. We prove the hypothesis that the given approach to the automatic analysis of texts is realized in all cases of social communicative practice, when to express the certain affective states or cognitive actions, we can find relatively stable ways of choosing and using linguistic means. From psychological point of view, this is the area of compressed internal actions, which, if necessary, can be expanded and expressed in the form of a verbal reaction or a verbal report. It is a broad research field covering the typologies underlying the known psychological inventories or recorded in descriptions of human behavior in various spheres of activity. The paper demonstrates the resources to analyze stylistic-speech system for the automatic search of professional crisis signs in social networks. The extensive material presented by the fragments of 86 network discussions describes the patterns of choice and use of multi-level language units to express the typical emotional states of currently experienced professional crisis. The linguistic markers of the mentioned states are considered in detail.

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DOI: 10.21638/spbu22.2022.302

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Kuznetsova Yu. M., Mishlanov V. A., Salimovsky V. A., Chudova N. V. Category of speech system in modeling affective processes (based on the material of network communication) // Media Linguistics, 9 (3), 190–209.