Boris Kobrinsky and Aleksandr Panov at the 5th International Scientific Conference IITI’2


Autumn is not just the season of rains, Halloween and state elections, but also a perfect time for science conferences. At least that's what our brilliant minds believe in. They travel all around Russia in the name of science, and no storm or infection could stop them!

Their last stop was the 5th International Scientific Conference “Intelligent Information Technologies for Industry” (IITI’21) which took place in Sochi from 30 September to 4 October. Aleksandr Panov and Boris Kobrinsky, our leading research fellows, the heads of 71 and 75 departments, respectively, both appeared at the conference as keynote speakers with plenary talks and reports.

Boris Kobrinsky's main concern were intelligent systems and technologies in medicine as he discussed their current state, problems and prospects, while his other lecture was dedicated to modern decision support systems (DSS). Aleksandr Panov's report covered his team's latest research into object-oriented model-based reinforcement learning. It is currently available online at YouTube (in English):

These and other works from the conference were published as part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems journal by Springer which is available for purchase at the official website.