Reduction of Attribute Space Dimensionality: the SOCRATES Method


Petrovsky A.


The new SOCRATES (ShOrtening CRiteria and ATtributES) method for reducing the dimensionality of attribute space is described. In this method, a large number of initial numerical and/or verbal characteristics of objects are aggregated into a single integral index or several composite indicators with small scales of qualitative estimates. Multiattribute objects are represented as multisets of object properties. The attribute aggregation includes various methods for the transformation of attributes and their scales. Reducing the number of attributes and shortening their scales make it possible to simplify the solution of applied problems, in particular, problems of multicriteria choice and to explain the obtained results.

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DOI: 10.3103/S0147688221050063

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Petrovsky, A. B. Reduction of Attribute Space Dimensionality: the SOCRATES Method // Scientific and Technical Information Processing. Vol. 48, issue 5 (December). pp. 342–355. 2021.