A Framework for Automated Meta-Analysis: Dendritic Cell Therapy Case Study


Panov A.


Increasing amount of scientific publications makes it difficult to conduct a comprehensive review and objectively compare results of previous researches. In some areas of research it is also difficult to extract regularities without computer aid due to complexity of experimental setup and results. Cancer treatment using dendritic cell vaccines is such an area. In this paper we describe a framework for semi-automatic information extraction and further analysis. We also present a case study in the field of dendritic cell vaccination and the corresponding experimental results, which include analysis of separability, classification and regression quality evaluation and cause relations mining.

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Boyko A. A., Kaidina A. M., Kim Y. C., Lupatov A. Yu., Panov A. I., Suvorov R. E., Shvets A. V. A Framework for Automated Meta-Analysis: Dendritic Cell Therapy Case Study. Proceedings of the conference IEEE Intelligent Systems IS'16, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016, pp. 160-166.