Analysis of personality traits of social media users by automatic profile processing


Smirnoff I. Stankevich M. Ignatyev N.


This work is devoted to the analysis of the Big Five personality model of users in social media by automatic processing of their social media profiles. To form the dataset, we asked VKontakte users to complete NEO-FFI questionnaire in order to reveal their level of neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness, openness to experience, and conscientiousness. Then, we utilized the data from the personal pages of 165 users who granted permission to process their data to form the features and perform a multiclass classification task. On the basis of the obtained data set, a multi-class classification was made, the purpose of which was to automatically determine the level of expression of each of the five personal traits of users.

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Stankevich M. A., Smirnov I. V., Ignatiev N. A., Kiselnikov N. V., Danina M. M. Analysis of personality features of users of social networks on the basis of automatic processing of their profiles // Highly Available Systems. - 2018.- Volume 4. – №. 4. – Page 15-19.