FRC CSC RAS specialists will learn to recognize emotions of Beeline's customers with the help of AI


George Held, Executive Vice President, Digital and New Business Development at Beeline Russia, and Igor Sokolov, Director of the Federal Research Center “Computer Science and Control” of Russian Academy of Sciences (FRC CSC RAS), signed a partnership agreement on AI technologies.

The sides will exchange experience, information and information technologies, conduct conferences, forums, consultations, seminars together, prepare joint research studies and analytical overviews.


Among the first collaborative projects is a text mining service based on AI technologies. According to George Held,

"We developed our own platform for audio analytics which is now in testing phase at our call center. Following the partnership with FRC CSC RAS we are planning to add new models of text mining to our solution which will allow to detect emotional scales and textual semantics, to analyze conversations with participation of several people. There's no doubt that FRC CSC RAS' competence as a recognized leader in computer science, AI technologies and mathematical modelling will allow us to create groundbreaking products in the field of audio analytics and introduce world-class solutions to the market."

And here's what Igor Sokolov says about a joint work:

"Psycholinguistic analysis of texts used for detecting psycho-emotional state of people on phone calls is a new area in discourse analysis. The results of many years of research and development conducted by FRC CSC RAS form a technological base of such analysis. We are very glad that our scientific studies will find a practical use in commerce thanks to the partnership with Beeline."

The agreement implies a joint work at creating a telecommunications infrastructure, data centers and software for analytical information systems.