Boris Kobrinsky awarded the honorary title of the Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation!


Friends and colleagues from the Russian Artificial Intelligence Research Institute congratulate our dear research fellow Boris Kobrinsky with the new Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation title! Of course, it was only a matter of time, because inside the science circles his reputation has long been established and undisputed.

Boris Kobrinsky is one of the leading Russian scientists in telemedicine and child screening who contributed significantly to the development of informatisation of the Soviet and Russian healthcare, artificial intelligence research and federal automated monitoring systems of health control, medical ecology, intelligent decision support processes during various clinical conditions.

Back in 1986 the DIDEANCE system for evaluating results of mass child screening created with his contribution from his side was named one of the most important achievements at the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNKh). Later he was distinguished with awards for developing the DIOGENES diagnostic information system for genetic disorders and a medal For the Services To the National Healthcare for implementing and supporting the federal monitoring system of the All-Russian child screening. And that's not to mention the first Russian system of disaster telemedicine!

For many years Boris Kobrinsky combined scientific work with managing the Medical Center of the New Information Technologies of the Moscow Research Clinical Institute of Pediatrics and Child Surgery (now Veltischev Research and Clinical Institute for Pediatrics of the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University). Today he heads the 75th Department of Intelligent Decision Support Systems of the Russian Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and the Scientific Council of the Russian Association for Artificial Intelligence. As a clinical informatics educator he prepared many young scientists and wrote over 600 academic works and several textbooks. No need to remind you that he is the most active participation of all major national conferences on medicine and AI.

Long years, new awards and, of course, more brilliant discoveries to you, Boris Arkadievich!



President's decree from 8 July 2022 № 436