Monitoring and control of the current state of spacecraft sensors


Khachumov V. Khachumov M.


To ensure the regular functioning of the spacecraft during the period laid down at the design stage, constant monitoring of the parameters of the onboard equipment is necessary. Anomalies in the operation of a spacecraft are any violations of the normal operation of its subsystems, devices and onboard radio-electronic equipment: failures, failures, exits of process parameters beyond the tolerance limits of the operating range, etc. These interferences lead to distortion of information and telemetry signals and even damage to on-board devices. The study considers the task of monitoring the subsystems of the spacecraft to identify their current state. The goal is to build an intelligent technology that provides automatic control of data ows and information support based on automatic checking of the state and behavior of spacecraft subsystems in real time. Separate issues are devoted to optimizing the distribution of functions between onboard and ground computing systems, cognitive visualization of the state of sensors for a decision maker.

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DOI: 10.25791/aviakosmos.2.2023.1322

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Khachumov M. V., Shishkin O. G., Khachumov V. M. (2023) Monitoring and control of the current state of spacecraft sensors // Aerospace Instrument-Making, 2, 23–29.