Monitoring of emergency events using social media


Devyatkin D. Larionov D.


The paper presents a prototype of a system for monitoring emergency events in a particular geographic region by analyzing social media data. We consider architecture, the main components of the system, as well as methods for crawling and processing emergency-related messages. The methods provide functionality for collecting emergency reports, information extraction, including the names of geographical locations and names of vessels, text classification, as well as new emergencies detection, and visualizing extracted events on a geographical map. As one of the possible future functions of the system, it is proposed to consider the evaluation of the informative nature of messages published in social networks and other sources. Evaluation of informativeness could be useful both in data collection and in the calculation of the relevance of answers when searching information in the system.

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Devyatkin D. A., Shelmanov A. O., Larionov D. S. Monitoring of emergency events using social media // High Availability System. 2018. T. 14. No. 3. Page 71-75.