Rhetorical relations markers in Russian RST Treebank


Kobozeva M. Suvorova (Ananieva) M.


The paper deals with the pilot version of the first RST discourse treebank for Russian. The project started in 2016. At present, the treebank consists of sixty news texts annotated for rhetorical relations according to RST scheme. However, this scheme was slightly modified in order to achieve higher inter-annotator agreement score. During the annotation procedure, we also registered the discourse connectives of different types and mapped them onto the corresponding rhetoric relations. In present paper, we discuss our experience of RST scheme adaptation for Russian news texts. Besides, we report on the distribution of the most frequent discourse connectives in our corpus.

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Toldova S., Pisarevskaya D., Ananyeva M., Kobozeva M., Nasedkin A., Nikiforova S., Pavlova I., Shelepov A. Rhetorical relations markers in Russian RST Treebank // Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Recent Advances in RST and Related Formalisms. 2017. Pp. 29-33.