Ingosstrakh and our head research center signed a partnership agreement


Ingosstrakh Insurance Company and the Federal Research Center “Computer Science and Control” of Russian Academy of Sciences (FRC CSC RAS) signed a science partnership agreement concerning AI technologies in healthcare. The agreement was signed by Dmitry Popov, Deputy Director General for Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI) of Ingosstrakh Insurance Company, and Igor Sokolov, Director of FRC CSC RAS. Partnership will include exchange of experience, information and technologies.

The parties agreed to collaborate on scientific and technical information and IT exchange, development of projects and joint promotion of products, technologies and solutions for creating IT infrastructure, as well as data processing centers and software for information and analytical systems related to insurance activities.

"There are several areas in the VHI segment of Ingosstrakh Insurance Company where AI and machine learning technologies could be successfully applied. We are glad to have FRC CSC RAS as our partner  a leading center of Russian scientific research in computer science and management,” comments Dmitry Popov, Deputy Director General for Voluntary Health Insurance of Ingosstrakh Insurance Company. “Together we'll be able to achieve an impressive synergistic effect by combining high skills and data sets of Ingosstrakh Insurance Company with scientific potential and academic intellectual capital of FRC CSC RAS. We hold keen interest in AI technologies and business integration while our partner is interested in putting scientific researches to practical use."

For more than 15 years, FRC CSC RAS has been engaged in the activities related to the analysis of various kinds of texts. Today, the center is the undisputed leader in Russia and one of the world's leading players in the field of information extraction, working with texts, including deep semantic analysis. It is the only institution in the world that is engaged in discourse research. These and other fundamental developments of the center can be successfully applied in healthcare. They will be useful to the insurance company, for example, when creating and analyzing medical records of patients, medical examinations, and working with letters of guarantee. A conversation between a patient and a doctor transferred into the text can become a source of vital information for further analysis. In addition, the institute's developments can be applied in the field of telemedicine, which has recently been on the rise and is in growing demand among patients. So, already at the initial contact with a medical institution, the insured will be correctly and, most importantly, quickly referred to the right specialist. These technologies also can help in deciding whether the patient's appeal is an emergency or the issue can be resolved in a planned manner. One more aspect concerning preventive medicine should be noted: the institute has developed a software and hardware complex that allows, using different information about a patient from various sources, including, for example, social networks, to assess the risks of developing a number of critical diseases, such as blood strokes, heart attacks, hypertension, depression.

Igor Sokolov, Director of FRC CSC RAS, noted: “As we are engaged in research work, we are glad to attract Ingosstrakh Insurance Company, one of the leaders of the domestic insurance market, as a business partner for integration of our solutions. An insurance company receives a lot of information from its clients and thus not only it may put our scientific researches to practical use, but also provide FRC CSC RAS with solid data for analytical work. Together with such partner as Ingosstrakh we will be ready to enter global medical and insurance markets, to offer companies and institutions progressive up-to-date solutions based on practical use of AI techniques.”

 Under the agreement, the parties will jointly develop cooperation programs and hold events: conferences, forums, seminars, round tables.