Open conference on artificial intelligence in Russia OpenTalks.AI 2021 ended


An independent Open Conference on Artificial Intelligence OpenTalks.AI 2021 took part in Moscow. From 1 to 5 February a great number of Russian industry professionals representing tens of companies, universities and research labs shared their views on artificial intelligence. The conference was organized by Igor Pivovarov of IP Laboratories.

Among the speakers were Dmitry Soshnikov (Microsoft), Alexei Dosovitskiy (Google Brain), Dmitry Vetrov (Samsung AI) and Viktor Lempitsky (Samsung, Skoltech), Dmitry Mironov (NVIDIA), Alexei Chernyavsky (Philips), Konstantin Anokhin (Russian Academy of Sciences), Alexandr Krainov (Yandex), Arkady Sanders (MTS), Sergei Orlov (Gazprom) and many others.

Several research fellows also represented the Federal Research Center, including our institute. Aleksandr Panov told how the Reinforcement Learning technology helps in navigating robots. Konstantin Vorontsov touched the topic of natural language processing while talking about typology, approaches and data sets concerning fake news and other modern sources of disinformation. Vadim Strizhov spoke about neural architecture search for machine learning models.

You can watch all the lectures at the official YouTube channel.