Following the steps of the MoNeTec-2020 international conference


The 3rd International Science and Technology Conference "Modern Network Technologies" (or simply MoNeTec-2020) took place on 27-29 October. This year it was conducted online (for obvious reasons) by the Applied Research Center for Computer Networks with the support from the Federal Research Center "Computer Science and Control" of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Representatives of both national and international research institutes, universities, businesses, corporate entities and startups visited the conference. Among the speakers was one of the Internet pioneers Glenn Ricart and the Sorbonne vice president Serge Fdida. Alexander Zatharinny of the Federal Research Center shared his experience at developing a digital platform for scientific research at the times of digital transformations.

You can read about the conference at the official website. All materials will be published at the IEEE Xplore digital library where you can also find presentations from the first two conferences. Stay tuned.


Update. Proceedings for MoNeTec-2020 are available now for download for registered users.