Dmitry Devyatkin, Ivan Smirnoff and Maxim Stankevich returned from Army-2022


Don't worry, the research fellows from the Russian Artificial Intelligence Research Institute were merely conscripted to the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2022 that took place in the Moscow region from 15 to 21 August. Their proceedings dedicated to text mining were presented at the thematic section Science Problems in Artificial Intelligence organised and moderated by the director of the Federal Research Center "Computer Science and Control" Igor Sokolov and his deputy Alexander Zatsarinny.

The head of the 73th Department of RAIRI Dmitry Devyatkin prepared in-depth research on Mining Technologies of Large Corpuses of Scientific Reports for Expert and Analytical Activities Support. He was followed by Ivan Smirnoff and Maxim Stankevich of the 72th Department who spoke about psycholinguistic analysis of speech writing, in particular how a trained neural network could be used to locate symptoms of depression in social media posts and comments. The work was clearly inspired by one of the institute's projects, TITANIS, which is currently going through a testing phase.

There were other speakers who represented FRC CSC RAS, as well as their colleagues from the Moscow State University and Bauman Moscow State Technical University. As a result, the conference turned out so civilian that the only thing reminiscent of army was the forum's red banner.


Science problematics in AI at the forum's website

photo report at the FRC CSC RAS website